Pharma Leaders Awards ( Download Award Nomination Form) NominationForm 2015

Social Entrepreneur of the Year 2015

Dr. Huzaifa Khorakiwala, CEO, Wockhardt Foundation

India’s Most Promising & Valuable Company 2015

Jenburkt Pharmaceuticals Limited

Change-Agent in Healthcare Innovations 2015

Adroit Biomed Ltd

Pharmaleader of the Year 2015

Mr. Prakash Kumar Guha, Managing Director, Zuventus Healthcare  Limited

India’s Most Admired Health Insurance Company of the Year 2015

Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance Company Ltd

CEO of the Year 2015

Mr. Tapan Singhel, CEO & MD, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company Ltd

Innovative Breakthrough in Cancer Research & Patients Safety 2015

Emcure Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Emerging Company of the Year 2015

Koye Pharmaceuticals Pvt  ltd

India’s Most Watched Company of the year 2015

Akumentis Healthcare Ltd

Most Promising Expert in Regenerative Medicine 2015

Dr. Deepak Chaturvedi, Physician Endocrinologist, Diabetologist

Innovative Breakthrough in Side-Effect-Free Healthcare Solution  Provider 2015

Advanced Vital Enzymes Ltd

India’s Most Promising Hair Transplant Surgeon 2015

Dr. Viral Desai, Medical Director & Founder, DHI Hair Transplant

India’s most Admired Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon 2015

Dr. Viral Desai, Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon

Asia’s Most Valuable & Breakthrough Innovator in Cardio Thoracic  & Vascular Surgery 2015

Dr. Kaushal Pandey, Cardio Thoracic and Vascular Surgeon

Most Valuable & Admired Hospital 2015D. Hinduja Hospital and Medical Research Centre

CEO of the Year 2015

Mr. Varun Khanna, Managing Director, Becton Dickinson India  Private Limited

India’s Most Admired Medical Technology Company of the year

Becton Dickinson India Private Limited

Change-Agent in Women’s Healthcare

The Good World Foundation

India’s Most Inspiring Women Business Leader in Cosmetic  Dermatology 2015

Dr. Chytra. V. Anand, Founder & Chief Medical Director Kosmoderma

Innovative Cosmetic Dermatologist 2015

Dr . Nilayini G, Founder, Blu Skin & Cosmetology Clinic

Most Promising & Valuable Communication Agency 2015

Molecule Communications Pvt. Ltd

Physician’s First Choice as Most Valuable & Admired Pharma  Company 2015

Abbott India Limited

Most Promising Sexual Health Physician and Counsellor 2015

Prof. Dr Deepak K Jumani

Emerging Brand of the Year 2015


Lifetime Achievement Award

Prof R. D. Joshi

Breakthrough Innovation in Facial Plastic Surgery

Dr. Debraj Shome

Most Valuable & Admired Cosmetic Dermatologist 2015

Dr.Rinky Kapoor

India’s Most Promising & Valuable Nutrition & Wellness  Centre in Diet & Nutritional Counseling 2015

Slim Sutra Slimming and Yoga Wellness Centre

Breakthrough Innovation in Cosmetic Dermatology

Dr. Rashmi Shetty

Excellence in Clinical Pharmacology & Medico- Marketing

Dr. Dilip Pawar

Emerging Anti-Aging  & Obesity Management Pharma Company

AVI Pharma Pvt. Ltd

India’s Most Admired Hair Transplant Surgeon 2015

Dr. Manoj Khanna

Most Promising & Homoeopathic Doctor 2015

Dr. Rajesh Shah, Founder , Life Force Homeopathy

India’s Fastest Growing Homeopathy Clinic 2015

Life Force Homeopathy

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