Chairman’s Message


Greetings from the Organizing Committee of the 8th Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit & Pharmaleaders Business Leadership Awards 2015 presented by Pharmaleaders, Asia’s most analytical news media in healthcare communications celebrating its 8th glorious & successful Annual Summit & Award Ceremonies. The theme of the Pharmaleaders 2015 Summit is aptly titled as “Brand India Winning” as we are looking at the momentum building in healthcare innovations, delivery & global penetration. Network 7 Media Group’s initiative & Pharmaleaders’s 8th edition wil be hosted in Mumbai, on Wednesday,30th December 2015 at Hotel Hilton Mumbai International Airport, Mumbai, India.

Our Mission: To be world leader in recognizing, honoring and fostering innovation and innovators in the field of healthcare & pharmaceuticals to create, support making a positive impact in the world. Pharma Leaders across the globe have complete unanimity in believing that Being recognized with an Pharma Leaders™ Awards is one of the highest accolades & testimony of achievement  a company or a executive  can receive in the name of innovation and business success. Pharma Leaders™ Awards honor excellence in healthcare innovations,spirit of entrepreneurship  and innovation.Since 1991, the Pharma Leaders Awards™ have recognized and honored some of the tallest leaders in the healthcare, pharmaceutical business leaders in the world.


Healthcare Challenges in India at present are of different dimensions & more of cleaning the system at the helm who are responsible for formulating laws, rules & regulations. While we can’t ignore the concerns of the pharma companies facing complex issues in regulatory legal hurdles in IPR challenges, pricing & other issues related to patent regime. Pharmaleaders believe that the evolving global and domestic market dynamics are likely to result in significant opportunities and challenges for pharma companies operating in India, both Indian companies as well as Indian affiliates of MNC companies. Some key issue areas are already starting to capture the attention of leadership teams within the industry.

Can Healthcare Innovations without access & reach to the common masses can be called as Innovation where the real beneficiary of any research are the people, consumers, the common man. The tragedy in our set up is that while we have a fragmented market with a high degree of public & private healthcare set ups with as many as 29 states and 7 Union Territories throwing a bigger challenges. And that’s not over, more than 80% of the healthcare expenses of the patient is out of pocket!


I am of the opinion that healthcare industry in India need to work hand in hand with its various stakeholders such as Government, Patients, Consumers, Doctors & Chemists as the pace of growth in India is accelerating with Asia likely to overtake North America in terms of overall pharma sales. At the same time, we cant overlook the spotlight on the unbridled increase in prices of crucial medicines, and patented drugs by Big Pharma, and its significant impact around the world, forcing a debate on the greed of companies to pocket huge profits from something which is life-saving, versus public health and societal good. The situation becomes grave for a poor country like India where many are pushed into indebtedness due to spiraling healthcare costs, absence of an efficient public health system and a sparsely-penetrated health insurance cover. Patients have to cough up major medical expenses out of their own pocket for serious and chronic ailments. in India – too we face a similar situation with prices of medicines of cancer, HIV, hepatitis C, respiratory diseases, tuberculosis being obscenely-priced. Most of these treatments are patented, which implies that their prices cannot be capped or regulated. For the past decades, the government has not been able to come up with a feasible model for negotiating prices of patented and over-priced treatments with MNCs.

India needs a strong & robust public Healthcare Model where there is a system that can check obscenely-priced treatments making it more affordable & accessible to the millions of Indian people especially in rural areas. The need to improve on a guidelines to check the cost of medical doctors who charge exorbitant prices, most often seen chronic therapies when combined with expensive diagnostic tests & above all the cost of staying in a private Hospitals. India’s rising middle class are the victims of such draconian unwritten rules. Pharma leaders also strongly feels that the union government must ensure as quickly as policy the need of a universal healthcare insurance to rescue the agony of indian rural & middle class often remain as a silent spectator of living in the world’s largest democracy thinking that real ache din will come!


I hope all the participants & delegates will have an enriching & rewarding time at the 8th Annual Pharmaleaders Meet.

Satya Brahma

Chairman & Editor-In-Chief, Pharmaleaders