Uncompromising Commitment to leadership Values and Ethical Principles


Recognizes companies & Individuals that have exemplified ethical conduct & sincere commitment to healthcare innovations for the benefit of the workplace, marketplace, the environment and the community.

Pharmaleaders Business Leadership Awards and the ceremony at which they are presented have become an industry tradition. This year's award recipients will receive their awards during the 7th Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit & Pharmaleaders Business Leadership Awards 2014 at the 2014 "Empowering India's Developing Healthcare System"Summit on December. 26, 2014 at the Sahara Star, Mumbai International Airport in Mumbai, India in a glittering award Night.

"Pharmaleaders Power Brand Awards are the most prestigious annual industry awards recognized annually that acknowledge and honor individuals and organizations for their accomplishments using healthcare innovations to deliver the best value in achieving specific goals and objectives," said Satya Brahma, Chairman & Editor-In-Chief of Network 7 Media Group . These are fitting tribute to those individuals and companies that have gone the extra mile to advance the excellence in healthcare through best practices and leadership.

Pharmaleaders Business Leadership Awards, the largest business and technology leadership awards program in the Pharmaceutical industry, cover 30 categories spanning from biotech to Healthcare to CEO awards.

Pharma Leaders Power Brand Awards those Companies & Individuals who exhibt rare display of innovation for Outstanding Academic/Professional Leadership bestowed annually each year to individuals/Companies who have/has advanced the mission of top ladder through extraordinary and outstanding leadership and who have contributed significantly to the enhancement of academic life professionally & individually . The top recognition symbolizes the best out of best from chosen few.

Over the last one decade, since the institutionalization of recognizing excellence in healthcare & pharmaceutical business in the form of Pharmaleaders Business Leadership Awards , Pharmaleaders has recognized several individuals and organizations that have empowered the healthcare industry in the global map by creating values & manufacturing prowess;. These Pharmaleaders and organizations inspire the public by motivating others to carry out their calls to action, by serving as a champion for their cause and by demonstrating a clear record of accomplishment in addressing urgent, relevant and complex healthcare needs , problems & solutions. They also maintain consistent, long-lasting relationships with the people and communities in which they work.They are truly trendsetters. Thus the Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit & Pharmaleaders Business Leadership Awards conducted years after years are truly India's only dedicated celebration of excellence in healthcare innovation, pharmaceutical & medical excellence and brand transformation.Most eagerly awaited annual affair in india, these set of awards reflect benchmark of credibility, leadership spirit & regarded by the industry experts as "Pharmaleaders Power Brands".

Network 7 Media Group will continue its tradition of recognizing those in the healthcare space whose work truly creates positive change & this years awards will highlight the magnificent delivery of work of the Leaders who not only illustrates the Summit's mission of Healthcare empowerment, but also embodies the idea of "The Power of Indians'."

The journey that Pharmaleaders undertook till date has been marked by many momentous, outstanding & long standing occasions. Each year we hosted the Pharmaleaders Program, We only meant to salute the visionary leaders, small or big in size or in financial numbers, we had a clear agenda that we are not going to follow the routine & stereo-type award nomination mechanism where there are only selected companies, personalities who are constantly in the limelight. Pharmaleaders broke the rule book & made an exception. We looked at people who Research team took a gigantic task of uncovering the "unsung pharmaleaders" who has been spectacular in their own sphere be in Healthcare, Clinical Trials, Manufacturing, Marketing, etc. Our quest of crowning the Pharmaleaders were twofold, those who imbibed innovation with risk taking abilities, to break the rule & make an exception, to show the world that they exist in their own world, in their own way, demonstrable leadership & critically acclaimed leadership. We were never tired, we continued to mix existing bigwigs with the companies & individuals relatively unknown & made them king. We looked at sheer passion, excitement & a sense of pride each time we crowned a Pharmaleader in the platform after a rigorous voting methodology. The Pharmaleaders has been tested & were thrown to the various stakeholders to vote before being crowned. We even stunned some big names when the unsung pharmaleaders were crowned against the mighty of bigwigs. We believed in the spark of innovation year after year as we continued our quest for celebrating the ultimate pharmaleaders experience since 1999. We were the earliest media house to recognize the talents & created Pharmaleaders platform that were imitated by many & became the trendsetters. We are happy today, when we notice the rise of companies in Healthcare to honour the achievers. In the early stage of our momentus journey, we recognized the veterans & legends who are now no more but our spirit of leadership are still reverberating in the reception of companies. Late Dr Parvinder Singh of Ranbaxy who built india's first MNC, Dr Anji Reddy of Dr Reddy's Labs, Mr. Indravadan A. Modi of Cadila, Mr Jagdish Saxena of Elder Pharmaceuticals or The former Drug Controller General of India (DCGI), Dr M Venkateswarlu are the few notable names.The current thespian legendary Pharmaleaders who are responsible for building the India image like Dr. Yusuf K. Hamied of Cipla, Dr Habil Khorakiwala of Wockhardt, Mr Samprada Singh of Alkem Laboratories, Dr D. B. Gupta of Lupin or Mr Suresh Kare of Indoco Remedies are in the list of Pharmaleaders winners library. Pharmaleaders Magazine, India's first opinion based & research driven bi-monthly magazine has felicitated more than 500 companies & has created world-class platform in the form of Summit where discussions are on burning issues. The historic Pharmaceutical Leadership Summits has been addressed by some of the crucial topics of great significance by the Industry Leaders, Policy Makers, Academia etc. The defining moments which Pharmaleaders attempt to focus year after year is to enhance the communication of the Industry & the government. Pharmaleaders Pharmaleaders Business Leadership Awards has been presented to the top performers & shining stars of the Indian Healthcare Industry year after year.The Aim is to encourage & motivate the Pharmaleaders to achieve greater success in coming days. These set of Awards are determined by a credible award mechanism under the supervision of prominent Juries.

1st Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit

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Award Winners

  • Late Shri Parvinder Singh, Ranbaxy –Chairman, Ranbaxy Labs Ltd, 1999
  • Shri Desh Bandhu Gupta,Chairman, Lupin Ltd – 1999
  • Shri K.Anji Reddy, Chairman, Dr Reddy’s Labs Ltd – 1999
  • Shri Devinder Pal, Management Consultant. 1999
  • Shri Samprada Singh, Chairman, Alkem Labs Ltd.
  • Shri Ajit Singh, Chairman, ACG Worldwide,
  • Shri I.A.Modi, Chairman, Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  • Shri Vikram Aima, CMD, Ochoa Labs Ltd.
  • Shri Habil F Khorakiwala. Chairman, Wockhardt Ltd.
  • Shri Raghavendra Rao, Chairman, Orchid Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  • Shri Dilip Sanghvi, CMD, Sun Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  • Dr Anjali Mukherjee, CEO, Health Total.
  • Shri Sujit K Singh, Chairman, Shreya Life Sciences Ltd.
  • Shri Vinod Singh, Chairman, Genom Biotech Ltd.

2nd Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit

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Award Winners

  • V.S.Reddy, Managing Director, British Biologicals. (India’s most Admired Neutraceutical Company)
  • Ms Anju Gupta, Managing Director, VHB Life Sciences Ltd. (Most technically & scientifically advanced Pharmaceutical Manufacturing unit of the year).
  • S.K Singh, Managing Director, Cachet Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd (Emerging Company of the year Award)
  • Dilip Surana, Managing Director, Microlabs Ltd. (Company of the Year).
  • Shri Suresh Kare, Chairman, Indoco Remedies Ltd. (Life Time Achievement Award).
  • R.C.Bhagat, Chairman, VHB Life Sciences Ltd. (Lifetime Achievement Award).
  • Samprada Singh, Chairman, Alkem Labs Ltd. (Lifetime Achievement Award)
  • Mr Manohar Kothari, Managing Director, Indo German Pharma Equip Pvt Ltd. (Life Time Achievement Award) Dr Himadri Sen,
  • President, R&D, Ranbaxy Ltd (Excellence in “NDDS”& Generics)
  • Sri Ajit Singh, Chairman & Sri Jasjit Singh,MD, ACG World Wide (Lifetime Achievement Award).
  • Sri Jagdish Saxena, Chairman & MD, Elder Pharmaceuticals Ltd (Lifetime Achievement Award).
  • Mr Malvinder Mohan Singh,Chairman,MD & CEO,Ranbaxy Ltd (Dynamic Enterpreneur of the year)
  • Sri Kaushik Desai ,Director& CEO Global Pharmatech (Excellence in Pharma Profession)
  • Dr P.M Naik, Project Director, Zydus Cadila Ltd (Excellence in Pharma Profession)
  • Dr Desh Bandhu Gupta, Chairman, Lupin Ltd (Lifetime Achievement Award).
  • Mr C.P.Bothra, Managing Director, Medreich Group (India’s Most trusted Export Company of the year)
  • Mr N.K.Singh, CMD, Galpha Labs Ltd. (India’s Fastest growing Pharmaceutical Company 09)
  • Ms Anju Gupta, MD, VHB MEDISCIENCES LTD (India’s Youngest MD & CEO)

3rd Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit

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Award Winners

  • Businessman of the Year 2010
    Shri Malvinder Mohan Singh, Group Chairman, Fortis
  • Businesswoman of the Year 2010
    Dr.Villoo Morawala-Patell, Founder and CMD, AVESTHAGEN LIMITED
  • Dynamic Entrepreneur of the Year 2010
    Shri Dilip Surana, CMD, Microlabs Ltd.
  • India’s Best Pharma OTC Company of the Year 2010
    Abbott Ltd
  • India’s Best Nutrition & Neutraceuticals Co of the Year 2010
    Dr Anjali Mukerjee’s Health Total
  • Best Pharma Company of the Year 2010
    Abbott Ltd,
  • Pharma CSR Organisation of the Year 2010.
    Wockhardt Foundation
  • Pharma Professional of the Year 2010
    Shri Tapan Ray, Director-General, OPPI
    Shri Kewal Handa, MD, Pfizer & Wyeth Ltd.
    Shri Deepak Naik, Managing Director, Eisai Pharma Ltd
  • Lifetime Achievement Award of 2010.
    Dr.Y K Hamid, Chairman Cipla Ltd,Shri Samprada Singh, Alkem Labs Ltd.
    Shri I.A.Modi, Chairman,Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
    Shri Joseph D’souza, Chairman, Oswolrld.
  • Best Brand of the Year 2010.
    Volini & Revital
  • Best Company in R & D Excellence 2010
    Bharat Biotech International Ltd.
  • India's Most Admired Surgeon Of the Year 2010
    Dr Ramakant Panda, VC, Asian Heart       Institute
  • India's Fastest growing retail Pharmacy Chain 2010
    Trust Chemists & Druggists Ltd
  • Excellence in Pharmacy Profession of the Year 2010
    Dr Bharatesh R Jagashetty, Drug       Controller of Karnataka
  • Excellence Innovators in Blood and Biological Products of the Year 2010
    Synergy Diagnostics Pvt Ltd
  • India's Most Watched Company of the Year 2010
    Elder Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  • Company of the Year 2010 (SME)
    Galpha Laboratories Ltd
  • Excellence in Bulk Drug and Exports
    Hetro Drugs Ltd
  • Emerging Company of the Year 2010
    Samarth Pharma Pvt Ltd
  • India’s Most Admired Pharma Company of the year 2010
    Pfizer Ltd
  • Hottest Exports Company of the Year 2010
    Bry Air Asia Pvt Ltd
  • Research Scientist of the year 2010
    Dr Rashmi Barbhaiya, CEO & MD, Advinus Therepeutics Ltd,
  • Computer Literacy Programs for Masses
    St Angelos Computer Ltd.

4th Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit

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Award Winners

  • Business Leader of the Year 2011
    Mr Kewal Handa, Managing Director, Pfizer India
  • Business Woman of the Year 2011 (Gen-Next Pharma Leader)
    Mrs Aditi Kare Panandikar, Whole Time Director, Indoco Remedies .
  • Dynamic Entrepreneur of the Year 2011
    Dr Krishna Ella, CMD, Bharat Biotech.
  • Pharma OTC Company of the Year 2011
    Ranbaxy Global Consumer Healthcare.
  • India's Most Admired Nutrition & Neutraceuticals of the Year 2011
    Revital Woman & Abbott Healthcare.
  • Company of the Year 2011
    Venus Remedies.
  • Pharma CSR Organisation of the Year 2011
    Ranbaxy Labs.
  • Pharma Professional of the Decade
    1. Dr Ajit V. Dangi, CEO & President, Danseen Consulting
    2. Mr Ranjit Shahani, Vice-Chairman & MD, Novartis India
    3. Narayan Gad, CEO, Formulations, Panacea Biotech;
  • Brand of the Year 2011: Revital&Volini.
  • Innovative R & D Company of the Year 2011
    Bharat Biotech International.
  • Emerging Brand of the Year
    B-COLENRANGE of Galpha Labs.
  • India's Most Admired Foundation in Social Innovation
    Right to Vision Programme of Wockhardt Foundation.
  • Pharma Achiever of the Year in SME
    Dr. Rege's Laboratories.
  • India's Most Admired Company in Blood and Biological Products 2011
    Synergy Diagnostics Pvt.
  • India's Most Admired Pharma Company 2011
  • India's Most Watched Company of the Year 2011
    Elder Pharmaceuticals.
  • Emerging Company of the Year 2011
    Aanjaneya Lifecare.
  • India's Most Admired Company in Exports 2011
    Genom Biotech Pvt.
  • Research Scientist of the Year 2011
    Dr. Rashmi Barbhaiya, MD & CEO, Advinus Therapeutics Pvt.
  • Multinational Company of the Year 2011. (Joint Winners)
    Pfizer India & Glaxo SmithKline Pharmaceuticals.
  • India's Most Admired Hospital Chain 2011
    Fortis Healthcare.
  • Biotech Research Company of the Year 2011
    Adroit Biomed.
  • India's Most Technically & Scientifically Advanced Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Unit of the Year 2011
     Aanjaneya Lifecare.

5th Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit

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Award Winners

  • Business Leader of the Year 2012
    Dr. Mukesh Batra,Founder Chairman,Dr Batra's Positive Health Clinic Pvt. Ltd
  • Business Woman of the Year 2012
    Ms. Shenaz Khaleeli,Founder and CEO, PharmaLeaf India.
  • Dynamic Entrepreneur of the Year 2012
    Dr. Rajaram Samant, MD, Akumentis Healthcare Ltd
  • Pharma OTC Company of the Year 2012
    Ranbaxy Ltd
  • India's Most Admired Nutrition & Neutraceutical Company of the Year 2012
    Elder Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  • Pharma Company of the Year 2012
    Fourrts (India) Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.
  •  Pharma CSR Organisation of the Year 2012 Microlabs Ltd
  • Pharma Professional Of the Decade 2012 ( Four Winners) Four Trohphie
    1.Mr. Ashok Jain, Executive Director, Microlabs Ltd.
    2.Dr. Hasit Joshipura, Vice President, South Asia & Managing Director – India, GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Ltd
    3.Mr Arun Sawhney, MD, Ranbaxy Ltd.
    4.Dr Alok Mishra, Managing Director, Advaita Pharma Pvt Ltd.
  •  Lifetime Achievement Award 2012
    1.Mr Deepak Pahwa, Chairman, Pahwa Enterprises.
    2.Mr N.R.Munjal, Chairman, Ind-Swift Ltd.
    3.Mr Kashi Vishwanath, Chairman, Aanjaneya Lifecare Ltd.
    4.Dr.Appaji PV, Director General, Pharmexcil India ( Pharmacy Profession)
  • .Brand of the Year 2012
    Revital & Volini
  • Innovative R & D Company of the Year 2012
    Microlabs Ltd.
  •  India's Most Admired Surgeon Of the Year 2012.
    Dr Mukesh Hariawala, Cardiac Surgeon & Healthcare Economist.
  •  India's Fastest Growing Pharmacy Retail chain 2012
    Trust Chemists & Druggists Ltd.
  •  India's Most Promising Entrant into The Big League
    Ind-Swift Ltd.
  •  Emerging Company of the Year 2012
    Akumentis Healthcare Ltd.
  •  Most Admired Company in Bulk Drugs 2012
    Granules India Ltd .
  •  India's Most Admired Company in Exports 2012
    Granules India Ltd
  • India's Most Admired Promising Hospital Chain 2012.
    Global Hospitals Group
  • Upcoming Biotech Pharma Company of The Year 2012.
    Adroit Biomed Ltd.
  •  BSE Award for the Best Return to Investors
    Aanjaneya Lifecare Ltd.
  •  India's Most Promising Cosmetologist & Non-Surgical Aesthetic Medicine Award
    Dr Rashmi Shetty. CEO, Ra Skin and Aesthetics.
  • .Woman Entrepreneur of The year ( Joint Winners)
    1.Ms. Shalini Kumar Saxena, Elder Instruments
    2.Dr Shuba Dharmana, CEO, Dr Shuba's Clinic.
  •  India's Most Promising Outsourcing Pharma Company in CRAMS.
    Akums Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Limited.
  •  Young Pharma Entrepreneur of The Year 2012
    Mr J.P.N. Singh, Director, Galpha Laboratories Ltd.
  •  Global Indian of The Year Male 2012
    Dr B.R.Shetty, Chairman, NMC Healthcare.
  •  Global Indian Woman of The Year 2012
    Dr Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, CMD, Biocon Ltd.
  •  India's Most Promising Pharmaceutical Education & Consulting Institution
    The Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (IPER).
  •  Most Promising HR Consulting Firm
    Kegan Executive Search
  • Transformational Pharma Leader of the Deacde
    Kewal Handa, Managing Director, Pfizer India Ltd.
  •  First Generation Woman Entrepreneur of the Year 2012.
    Ms Nidhi Saxena, CEO & MD, Karmic Lifesciences
  • India's Most Preferred Pharmaceutical Group in CRAMS Management
    Medreich Ltd
  • .Research Scientist of The Decade
    Dr Himadri Sen, Board of Director, Strategy and Scientific Affairs Unimark Remedies & Hon. Patron, I.P.E.R.
  •  NGO of the Year 2012
    123 Global Organizations

6th Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit

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Award Winners

  1. Rising Company of the year 2013
    Galpha Laboratories Ltd.
  2.  Emerging Business Leader of the Year 2013
    Dr Rajeev Modi MD, Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  3. Emerging Business Woman of The Year 2013
    Ms. Nidhi Saxena, Founder & CEO, Karmic Lifesciences
  4. Dynamic Entrepreneur of the Year 2013
    Mr. Prakash Guha, MD, Zuventus Healthcare Ltd
  5. India's Most Respected Company by Medical Practitioners 2013
    Zuventus Healthcare Ltd
  6. India's Best Managed Healthcare Chain 2013
    Global Hospitals Group
  7.  Multinational Company of the year 2013
    Abbott India Ltd
  8. India's Most Admired Company in Healthcare IT Solutions 2013
    Infinite Computer Solutions (India) Ltd.
  9.  India's Most Respected Cosmetic Dermatologist 2013
    Dr. Chytra. V. Anand, Founder, CEO & Chief Cosmetic Dermatologist, KOSMORDEMA
  10. India's Most Admired Company in CRAMS Market 2013
    Akums Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  11. Emerging Company of the Year 2013
    Menarini India Private Limited
  12. Women Entrepreneur of the Year 2013
    Dr. Nilyini G, Founder CEO, Blu Skin Cosmetology
  13. CEO of the year 2013
    Mr. Rehan A. Khan, Managing Director, Abbott India
  14. India's Most Admired Company in Corporate Governance 2013
    Aurobindo Pharma Ltd
  15. Brand of The Year 2013
  16. Rising Brand of The Year 2013
    Newbona (Akumentis Healthcare Ltd)
  17.  India's Most Admired Pharma Company 2013
    Alkem Laboratories Ltd.
  18.  India's Fastest Growing Pharma Company 2013
    Menarini India Private Limited
  19. India's Most Respected Healthcare Group To Work For 2013
    Emcure Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  20. India's Fastest Growing Company in Contract Manufacturing 2013
    Akums Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Non Voting Category Award Winners

  1. Incredible Medical Expert of the Decade
    Dr. Viswanathan Mohan, Founder & CEO, Dr. Mohan's Diabetes Specialties Centre.
  2.  Incredible Medical Expert of the Decade
    Dr. Deepak Chaturvedi, Physician Endocrinologist & Diabetologist
  3.  Incredible Medical Expert of the Decade
    Dr. Jothydev Kesavadev, Founder Chairman, Jothydev's Diabetes Research Centre
  4.  Incredible Medical Expert of the Decade
    Dr. Shasank R Joshi,  Consulting Endocrinologist & Founder, Joshi Clinic
  5. Global Indian Of The Year 2013
    Dr. Naresh Trehan, Founder Chairman, Medanta
  6. Global Indian Of The Year 2013
    Prof. Dr. Nandkishore Shamrao Laud, Founder, Dr Laud Clinic
  7. Lifetime Achievement Award 2013
    Mr. D.C. Jain, Chairman, Akums Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  8.  Pioneering Innovation in Stem Cell Banking Award 2013
    Life Cell International Pvt Ltd
  9. Entrepreneur of the year 2013
    Dr. G.S.K. Velu, Managing Director, Trivitron Healthcare
  10. Rising Brand of The Year 2013
    JUENE &UV CARE RANGE, Adroit Biomed Limited
  11. Business Leader of the Decade
    Mr. Satish Ramanlal Mehta, CEO & MD, Emcure Pharmaceuticals Limited
  12. Emerging Hospital Group 2013
    Medfort Maxivision Hospitals
  13. Non-Surgical Aesthetic Medicine Expert 2013
    Dr. Rashmi Shetty, CEO & Founder, Ra Skin & Aesthetcs
  14. Healthcare Visionary of The Decade
    Dr. Kancherla Ravindranath, CMD, Global Hospitals Group
  15. Business Leader of the year (Healthcare & IT)
    Mr. Upinder Zutshi, CEO & MD, Infinite Computer Solutions (I) Limited
  16. India's Most Admired Homeopathic Brand 2013
    Dr. Batra's Positive Health Clinic
  17. Transformational Leader of the Decade
    Dr. Mukesh Batra, Founder Chairman, Dr. Batra's Positve Health Clinic
  18. Emerging Pharmaleader of the year 2013
    Dr. Rajaram Samant, MD, Akumentis Healthcare Limited
  19. Emerging Pharmaleader of the year 2013
    Mr. A.K.Patra, CMD, Salius Pharma Pvt. Ltd
  20. Emerging Pharmaleader of the year 2013
    Mr. A.K.Sahoo, CEO, Ozone Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  21. Emerging Pharmaleader of the year 2013
    Mr. Piyush Rathi, Director, Advanced Enzymes Technologies Ltd.
  22.  Pharmaleader of the year 2013
    Dr. Hasit.B.Joshipura, MD, GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  23. Social Entrepreneur in Mass Education Award 2013
    Mr. Agnelorajesh Athaide, CMD, St. Angelo's Professional Education.

7th Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit

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Individual Non Voting Category Jury Winners

  1. India’s Most Admired Diabetologist 2014- Prof. (Dr) V.Mohan, CMD & Chief Diabetologist, Dr. Mohan's Diabetes Specialties Centre
  2. Healthcare Economist of the Year 2014 - Dr Sanjeev Kanoria, Vice Chairman Austrian Anadi Bank AG & Chairman, Advinia Healthcare Ltd
  3. Visionary Entrepreneur of the Year 2014 - Mr. Dilip Surana, CMD, Microlabs Ltd
  4. India’s Most Promising Orthopedic Surgeon - Dr. Chandrasekar Chikkamuniyappa, CEO & Senior Joint Replacement Surgeon, People Tree Hospitals.
  5. India's Most Promising Entrepreneur in Ayurvedic Beauty Care of the year 2014 - Dr.Ajayita Chanana, Founder & CEO, Dr. Ajayita'sCharakAyurvedic Clinic
  6. Pharma Professional of the Decade - Mr. Daara Patel, Secretary General, Indian Drug Manufacturers Association
  7. India’s Most Promising Healthcare Partner in Healthcare Innovations 2014 - ConvaTec India Pvt Ltd
  8. India’s Most Promising Nephrologist 2014 - Prof. (Dr.) D. S. Rana, Chairman, Board of Management, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital
  9. India’s Most Promising & Valuable Emerging Hospital of the Year 2014 - People Tree Hospitals
  10. India’s Most Promising Healthcare Innovator in Dermato-Cosmetic industry 2014 - Adroit Biomed Ltd
  11. Healthcare Visionary of the Decade - Prof.(Dr.) B. Soma Raju, Chief Cardiologist & CMD, Care Hospitals Group
  12. India’s Most Promising & Valuable Diabetes-Cardiometabolic Clinic Chain 2014 - Lifespan Clinic India
  13. India’s Most technically & scientifically advanced Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company of the year 2014 - Akums Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  14. India’s Most Promising Pharmaceutical Logistics & Packaging Company 2014 - Scorpion Group
  15. India’s Most Promising Antiaging & Wellness Clinic 2014 - AMAAYA™ Antiaging & Wellness Clinic
  16. Transformational & Come Back Pharma Company of the year 2014 - Dr Datsons Labs Ltd.
  17. India’s Most Valuable Pharma Company in Exports & HR Excellence 2014 - Galpha Laboratories Ltd.
  18. India’s Most Promising Obesity Consultant 2014 - Dr. Deepak V. Chaturvedi, Obesity & Anti-Aging Consultant, AMAAYA Antiaging & Wellness Clinic
  19. India's Most Promising & Valuable Nutrition & Wellness Company in Diet & Nutritional Counseling 2014 - Anjali Mukerjee Health Total
  20. Breakthrough Innovator in Cosmetic Dermatology 2014 - Dr. Ruby Tandon, Cosmetic Dermatologist & Co-Founder, Dr Ruby’s After Glow Advanced Laser Clinic
  21. India’s Most Valuable Revolutionary Pharma Company of the year 2014 - Zuventus Healthcare Limited
  22. Millennium Pharma Leader - Mr. Ajit Singh, Chairman, ACG Worldwide
  23. India’s Most Admired Pharmaceutical Technocrat of the Decade - Dr. Ajit Dangi, President & CEO, Danssen Consulting
  24. India’s Most Promising Business Leader of the Decade in Hospital Management 2014-
  25. Sandeep Chatrath, C.E.O, Dharamshila Hospital And Research Centre
  26. Excellence in Diet & Nutrition - Dr Shilpa Joshi, Consultant Dietician & Nutritionist

Public Voting Category Winners

  1. Business Leader of the Year 2014 - Mr.B.N.SinghMD,Alkem Laboratories Ltd
  2. First Generation Entrepreneur of the year 2014- Dr.Kannan Vishwanath, MD, Dr. Datsons Labs Ltd
  3. Hyderabad’s Most Promising & Valuable Hospital of the year 2014 - Innova Children's Heart Hospital
  4. India’s Most Promising & Valuable Skincare Leader 2014 - Dr. Chytra V Anand, Chief Beautifier & CEO Kosmoderma Clinics
  5. India’s Most Admired Hospital Chain in Value & Customer Satisfaction 2014 - Care Hospitals Group
  6. India’s Most Admired Hospital in Cancer Care 2014 - Dharamshila Hospital And Research Centre
  7. India’s Most Promising Hair Transplant Surgeon 2014 - Dr. Mohiuddin Makani, Chief Hair Transplant Surgeon, Cosmedicure
  8. India’s Most Admired Health Insurance Company of the Year 2014 - CignaTTK Health Insurance Company Ltd
  9. India’s Most Valuable Pharma Company in Ethical Practice & Corporate Governance 2014 - Abbott India Ltd
  10. Pharmaleader Professional of the year 2014 - Mr.Rehan Khan, MD, Abbott India Ltd
  11. Woman Entrepreneur of the Year 2014 - Ms. Surjit Kaur, Founder & CEO, Zeal Biologicals
  12. Dynamic Entrepreneur of the Year 2014 - Mr. Sanjeev Jain, MD, Akums Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Limited
  13. India’s Most Promising Healthcare Retail Chain in Eye –Care Services 2014 - Maxivision Super Specialty Eye Hospitals
  14. India’s Most Valuable & Admired Pharmaceutical Group 2014 - Abbott India Ltd
  15. India's Most Powerful, Most Valuable Corporate Brand 2014 - Abbott India Ltd
  16. India’s Most Promising & Valuable Diet Expert & Nutritionist 2014 - Dr. Anjali Mukerjee, Nutritionist   & Co-Founder, Health Total