Pharmaleaders Power Brands has been in india since 1999 though repackaged since 2010 as Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit & Pharmaleaders Business Leadership Awards & are eagerly awaited set of credible awards conferred to deserving companies & individuals through a comprehensive selection procedure involving highest standards of norms set by the jury members of the Network 7 Media Group, the flagship brand of SB Network. An Eminent Jury Members comprising of top & senior most professionals of the healthcare industry, government officials, business tycoons & policy makers decide more than 30 categories after the processes are reviewed & voted by the general public.

Pharmaleaders 2015 power brand awards are conferred to the successful Pharma Leaders & Medical Professionals in a sold out gala Dinner where who’s & who’s of the india’s healthcare industry earmark to attend. Commenting on the impact of getting a Pharma Leaders Trophy, Satya Brahma, Chairman & Editor-In-Chief of Pharma Leaders said

“Pharmaleaders Power Brand Awards are the most prestigious annual industry awards recognized annually that acknowledge and honor individuals and organizations for their remarkable accomplishments. These are fitting tribute to those individuals and companies that have gone the extra mile to advance the excellence in healthcare through best practices and leadership, Pharmaleaders Business Leadership Awards is the premier largest business and technology leadership awards program in the sub continent , covering the set of prestigious awards spanning from biotech to Healthcare to CEO awards”. Pharma Leaders Power Brand Awards are conferred to those Companies & Individuals who exhibt rare display of innovation for Outstanding Academic & Professional Leadership to individuals & Companies This top recognition symbolizes the best out of best from chosen few, Satya added.


Over the last one decade, since the institutionalization of recognizing excellence in healthcare & pharmaceutical business in the form of Pharmaleaders Business Leadership Awards , Pharmaleaders has recognized several individuals and organizations that have empowered the healthcare industry in the global map by creating values & manufacturing prowess;. These Pharmaleaders and organizations inspire the public by motivating others to carry out their calls to action, by serving as a champion for their cause and by demonstrating a clear record of accomplishment in addressing urgent, relevant and complex healthcare needs , problems & solutions. They also maintain consistent, long-lasting relationships with the people and communities in which they work.They are truly trendsetters. Thus the Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit & Pharmaleaders Business Leadership Awards conducted years after years are truly India’s only dedicated celebration of excellence in healthcare innovation, pharmaceutical & medical excellence and brand transformation.Most eagerly awaited annual affair in india, these set of awards reflect benchmark of credibility, leadership spirit & regarded by the industry experts as “Pharmaleaders Power Brands”.